After a host is requested, it's only checked for duplication within the system. We do not check the legitimacy of host sites.  Host sites need to be vetted by the department, prior to sending students.  Host sites with past issues brought to our attention will trigger a message with contact information on the record. Any issues or concerns raised about a site can be addressed with Les Miller and Jennifer Chrisohon.

Add an Internship Page:

If a sub name is not listed; check to make sure you have selected the correct state or country. Sub names are filtered so the list only shows the ones for the selected state under 'Location'. 

To help with Host and Sub Name searches; click the dropdown then start typing the name. This should take you to the portion of the dropdown that starts with the entered letters. If you type 'g' it will take you to the beginning of the g's and 'ga' will take you to the beginning of the ga's and so on.

Unable to find a Host Name?

You can request a Host Name or Sub Name without creating a record.

You can also use the Request Host to help you search for host names. In the example below you can search for all state universities that are in the inventory. (These are not selectable names just suggestions)

Search Page:

View Internship Page:


Updates from the Registrar

How updates will be made to faculty supervisors, section and course numbers.  If a user needs to update one of these three areas they can do so by following these steps: 

Links can be found here to request access, put in a help request, or suggest a feature for Internship Inventory:

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