*Pulse Secure is now part of Ivanti, therefore the company is retiring PulseSecure.net and the Pulse logo. The vast majority of the information on Pulse Secure can now be found on Ivanti.com. This is the same product and same company, just a new name.

Appalachian State has partnered with Ivanti (formerly Pulse Secure) to provide faculty and staff with a method of connecting to campus-specific resources from off-campus.

Create a Secure Connection to the Campus Network

The Ivanti Secure Access VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an application that, once installed on your home computer, creates an encrypted tunnel into Appalachian's secure network. This allows you to utilize Remote Desktop software to log into your work computer or use softphone applications as though you were sitting at your desk.

(Note: Ivanti is only available to faculty and staff.)

To connect to our VPN, follow these steps

When the connection is finalized a secure tunnel has been established back to the campus network and your computer will respond as if it were connected to the campus network. Access to secure websites should be available as long as the Ivanti Secure software is open and connected.

Note: If your connection fails, or if secure services are not working as intended, a full computer restart will usually resolve the issue.    

Connect to a Computer on Campus  

*In the event that a specific computer is required to accomplish work and the computer cannot be removed from campus.

For instructions on connecting to a desktop computer, review Remotely Connect to a Campus Computer.

Accessing the VoIP Phone System off-campus

For instructions to set up Cisco Jabber to connect to the VoIP Phone System, review Accessing your VoIP phone off-campus with Cisco Jabber.

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