Workshop Scheduler Dashboard Terminology

Workshop Department (formerly called Learning Community): The name of the department/unit that will be offering these workshops.

  • You can have access to multiple Workshop Departments, which can be navigated via the Dept. dropdown menu.
    • Center for Academic Excellence (FAD)
    • Center for Academic Excellence (LTS)
    • CAE Online
  • Dashboard: Your Workshop Departments' "control center". You can view the Understanding Dashboard Tabs page for more information.
  • Courses: Displays ALL of the workshops your Workshop Department has offered.
  • Course Type: The categories that your workshops fall under
  • Formats: Various formats that your workshop will be offered under (i.e. Book Clubs, Courses, or Workshops)

  • Book Clubs: Faculty/staff book clubs that are offered multiple times throughout the year

  • Courses: Programs/Institutes that are offered for an extended length of time.

    • Example: The Course ReDesign Institute or Agile Teaching Academy

  • Workshops: Professional development offerings that are offered usually between 1 hr to 1.5 hours

  • Notice Templates: You can create a variety of templates that will automatically be sent out to registrants, including

  • Invitations: Invites that you can send out to a select group of people that includes a code so that they can access & register for the workshop

  • Reports: You can download the number of attendees and registrants by the workshop name or course type during a specific time frame

Adding a Workshop Page: Commonly Used Features

  • Course Type (required): Select the category that best describes your workshop topic
  • Name (required): This is the name of your workshop that will display on the main page.
    • Tip: Avoid long workshop titles. Titles should catch attention, less than 50 characters, and accurately describe your workshop.
  • Format: Select the format of your workshop
  • Info URL: An external hyperlink that provides registration with more information about your workshop
  • Description: Write a brief description of the material that will be covered, including materials that they should be brought to the workshop.
  • Objectives: Information/learning outcomes that your registrants will obtain by attending your workshop
  • Prerequisites: Courses that need to be taken beforehand or skills that registrants need to have before attending your workshops
  • Administrators: A person from your department who has privileged access to make changes to your Workshop Department
  • Max. Registration: The maximum number of people you want to attend your workshop

  • Min. Registration: Minimum # of registrants that must register for your workshop (otherwise workshop scheduler will cancel it)

  • Waitlist: You can add a waitlist for your workshop whenever you have met capacity.

  • Send Reminders: Worskhop scheduler will send out reminder emails to participants about this workshop (you can enter in how many days before you want the reminder to send out)

    • Tip: 1-2 days is generally the most effective

  • Location Type: The format that your workshop will be held in (Face to face or online)

  • Meeting URL: If your workshop is online, copy and paste the Zoom link URL. If face-to-face, enter in the building name and room number

  • Additional Access Info: Enter in your zoom link password or access code

    • Note: This information is not visible to the public