In order to ensure that the ARM based macOS clients are up to date, EMACS will be deploying a macOS notification panel to all M1 Macs that are not updated to the required macOS.

The notification will automatically come up on the users Desktop, above open Application windows at a determined interval (interval TBD).

  1. We can edit the interval timing, the number of deferrals and the date the update has to be run by until the notification can not be ignored

The notification will show the days remaining and the macOS version they need to update to as well as custom instructions from AppState IT

Users will have the option to:

  1. Get More Info and be taken to an Apple Info webpage for the latest update

  2. Click the info i to get device info for their Mac
  3. Click Later and the screen will go away until the next notification interval passes (interval TBD)
    1. NOTE: Once the Deadline passes, the Later button will be disabled

  4. Click Update Device and the Software Update System Preference will open and the user can begin the update process