Syllabus content in AsULearn can be access from the AsULearn-Syllabus Google chatbot.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In Google Chat in the Mountaineer Apps domain, select New chat and search for AsULearn-Syllabus to start a conversation with the chatbot. (You may need to authorize chatbot access for your account.)
    start a new chat with the AsULearn-Syllabus chatbot

  2. Say hello, and the chatbot will respond with a list of available syllabus content from which to choose. Respond with the desired content.
  3. The conversation with the chatbot will then drill down into available courses with syllabus resources for your user, as well as available syllabus resources for a specified course (if more than one is available, i.e. for different sections in a metacourse). Respond with the desired course and then syllabus resource.
  4. The requested syllabus content will then be provided by the chatbot and the conversation concluded.

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