Your new password cannot be one that you have used before.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Password Manager website
  2. Type your username into the Username Box (Your username is the first part of your appstate email address,
  3. Click on the Submit button
  4. If this is your first time, you have forgotten your current password, or the password has expired, you will need to use the Alternate Authentication method (The three questions below the current password box)
  5. Duo 2fa approval will be required at this point. 
  6. Type your new password into both the Password box and the Verify Password box. 
  7. If your Challenge Question has been reset or you are setting up your password for the first time, select one of the Challenge Questions by clicking on the circle to the left of the question you want to use and type the answer into the box to the right of the question you have chosen.
  8. Click Update Information (some passwords can take 6-15 minutes to update)

If you get locked out or need assistance with this process call the Technical Support Help Desk (828) 262-8324

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