IVS (Interactive Video Services) provide real-time, High Definition or Standard Definition quality interactive video experiences for Faculty, Staff and Students. Real-time interactive video provides the opportunity for instructors, needing a one-time master class with a visiting professor from across the globe or teaching an ongoing consortium class with peer classes around the state, nation, or world, to provide students the capability to interact in real time with experts and other peers. Our primary classroom seats up to 22 participants, while our primary conference room seats 7. Through our partnership with the NC Research and Education Network (NC-REN), we can network up to 39 unique sites from nearly anywhere in the world. We can also stream events in real time and/or archive a stream for later usage. In addition, IVS provides classroom instructional videos and promotional videos for academic and other departments. IVS houses and maintains professional grade video cameras, lighting and audio equipment, as well as editing software and associated computer gear. Faculty members work with IVS to record content with HD cameras and professional lighting and audio, and providing the Faculty member with a high quality mp4 version. The Faculty member can then stream that video limited to users within the AsULearn environment (outside access not available) or via open streaming, freeing up valuable instruction time. The service formally announced in early 2012 now sports completed production of 36 instructional videos with 4 currently in production. Averaging roughly 6 minutes apiece, a single video used with a class of average size (26 students), for a complex task or skill (e.g., lab or machine setup, intricate manual operations) which would otherwise require significant individual instruction, might feasibly save an instructor roughly 2-1/2 hours of one-on-one instruction, and subsequently provide for instructor-free review by the student. Videos used for multi-section courses would scale to larger audiences essentially cost-free, once the videos had been produced.

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How do I request this service?

Faculty should fill out a Video Conference Request Form) at

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Greg Williams (7121) or Darrell Laws (7122)

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