Every user in AsULearn has a Profile with contact and descriptive information, most of which is visible to other users in your courses. In AsULearn, your profile is a site profile, not a course profile.

To edit your profile, click your avatar or name at the top right corner of the AsULearn page, then click Profile.

Click your profile image or name at the top right, select Profil from the menu

The Profile page contains links to reports about your activity on AsULearn and a link to edit your information and preferences.

Select the Edit profile link from the User details section on the page.

In user details, select Edit profile

You cannot edit data that is assigned through Banner.

You can specify who can see your Email address:

  • no one but privileged users (instructors, administrators),
  • everyone, or
  • only others in your courses.

Enter a Description to let others know about you and your interests. Again, this is a site profile, so this should not be specific to any given course, but a general description/bio as you prefer.

Upload an image for your User picture. Select a JPG or PNG file. The image will be cropped to a square and resized to 100×100 pixels.

Uploading a profile image

Specify Additional names you want others to know about.

Create tags to highlight your Interests.

Specify other Optional ways to contact you online and/or through social media.

Click Update profile at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

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