Tableau Software consists of a family of products designed to produce or display interactive data visualizations (Wikipedia). Tableau Software consists of two primary components used by ASU at this point: a desktop development tool (editions: Desktop Professional, Desktop Personal, or Public) and a Tableau cloud server offering (Tableau Public Premium). The desktop tools enable data to be visually analyzed by simply dragging and dropping the various data elements onto a workbook. These visualizations can then be shared to the web. Users are able to interact with many of the visualizations placed online, enabling them to see just the portion of the data in which they are interested. Certain visualizations also have the ability to be downloaded and interacted with using the free Tableau Public Reader. For examples of Interactive Reports:

Who can use this service?

Visualizations shared online are available for public consumption. Access to the Tableau Public Premium account is limited to Institutional Research at this time.

How do I request this service?

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Who do I contact for problems or issues?

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12/20/2022 14:09:59