Zoom for Telehealth provides a video conference solution for HIPAA-compliant communications for healthcare providers and includes:

  • Cloud-based video, audio, and content sharing
  • Support for desktop, mobile, and conference room systems
  • Waiting room for patient privacy enabled
  • Remote camera control enabled

Based on needs, University accounts are assigned to one of three Zoom groups:

  1. Zoom Professional (Regular Zoom) - no access to Zoom for Telehealth
  2. Telehealth Optional - the person can choose to use Regular Zoom (for teaching and learning purposes) or Telehealth Zoom
  3. Zoom for Telehealth Only  - the person can only use Zoom for Telehealth

Who can use this service?

All Appalachian State University faculty, staff, and students who have been assigned to a Zoom Telehealth group.  

How do I request this service?

Authorized individuals in University departments that require Zoom for Telehealth can add University personnel to the Telehealth Optional Group and the Zoom for Telehealth Only Groups  

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Call the Help Desk at 828-262-6266, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5PM or enter a support request at

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