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H5P is now part of Moodle/AsULearn Core. As such, all H5P content must be created and stored in the H5P Content Bank located within your AsULearn course.

Step-by-Step Guide


Creating New H5P Content

  1. From the course page, click on theTurn editing on button (top right).
  2. Navigate to the left-side navigation drawer and scroll down to the "Content Bank" link (Figure 1).
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    Figure 1: Image of the navigation drawer in AsULearn showing the "Content Bank" link for H5P.
  3. Course menu, select More and then Content bank.

    Content bank from the More menuImage Added

  4. Click on the "Content Bank." This will open the Content Bank in a new window.
  5. To create a new H5P file, click Add from the "Add" drop down link menu and select the H5P content format that you want (Figure 2).
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    Figure 2: Image of the Content bank window in AsULearn.

    Content bank in AsULearn with add being selectedImage Added

  6. This will open a new window and you can begin creating your content. has videos and documentation that cover creating and working with all types of H5P content.  Visit Tutorials for Authors on the website for more information.

Uploading Existing H5P Content

  1. If you have existing H5P content in the Content Bank, simply on your computer, click Upload and select the H5P file from your computer.

    Upload H5P screen from your computer.Image Added

  2. Click Upload this file and then click Save changes.
  3. This will open upload the file in a new window and you can make any edits or modifications that you would like.

Video Tutorial

Creating, Editing, and Uploading H5P Content in AsULearn

Editing Existing H5P content in the Content Bank

  1. If you have existing H5P content in your Content Bank that you need to edit, click on the name of the content and then click Edit.
  2. Make any changes and then click Save.

Widget Connectorurl  You can also Rename, Delete, and Replace the H5P from this screen.

The following H5p content formats can report back to the AsULearn gradebook if you include an interactive component.