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Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings

AsULearn assignments now have Turnitin added as a built-in "plugin" feature, which allows for originality reports to promote academic integrity. We encourage you to talk with students about originality and academic integrity, rather than using it simply as a "gotcha" feature, by displaying originality reports to students as they submit.

AsULearn also offers standalone Turnitin assignments, which will give you access to all of the features that a Turnitin assignment allows, such as its unique grading interface. However, the advantage of using an AsULearn assignment with the Turnitin plugin enabled means you can use any groups you have set up within AsULearn. Standalone Turnitin assignments do not recognize your AsULearn groups, though they are integrated in AsULearn. 

To learn more about the Turnitin features offered in both kinds of assignments, click here. 


Specify the Grade Type, either Point with the Maximum grade score set below, or Scale with the Scale type selected below.


For additional assistance in setting up your assignment, contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

Common module settings 

This is where you can make your assignment group- and grouping-aware. For more on this, go here. 

Restrict access 

Use this feature if you wish to restrict submission of the assignment for students based on Date, Grade, Group, Grouping, User profile. 

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