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  1. Before your first Appointment, log into the Zoom application. When users click the URL to attend the appointment, Zoom will display a notification to wait for you to start the meeting. You will see in the Participants panel of the Zoom application window (click Participants to display it on the right) that the user is in the Waiting Room.
    1. Move your mouse over the name and then click the  Admit button. The name will move from “is waiting” to “in the meeting.”
    2. To move someone out of the meeting before letting the next person in, the person can leave the meeting, or you can move your mouse over the person’s name and click the More > menu and either Put in Waiting Room (if you want to meet again in this session) or Remove if you have finished meeting.
    3. To alert users in the Waiting Room of something, you can click the Message link, then use the Chat to text them. The Chat window dropdown lets you message Everyone (in Waiting Room) or Everyone (in Meeting) or a specific person in the meeting.
    4. If the Chat window covers the Participants list, click the More… menu at the bottom of your Zoom application window, then select Chat to hide it.

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