Google Forms allows users to configure detailed surveys, polls, quizzes, or questionnaires to get a combination of qualitative or quantitative responses. Users can create public-facing forms for data-gathering or check-in, design self-grading quizzes with customizable add-ons, or send private surveys to anonymous individuals.


On the web, access Google Forms by navigating to https://forms.google.com/a/appstate.edu.
(Note: If you are logged into a personal Google account in the same browser, you may be redirected to the inbox for that account. Please see this Help Document to add a second account to your browser session.)
No mobile application currently exists for Forms, but you can access the web app from the Chrome Mobile Web Browser.


For tailored assistance regarding Google Forms, contact the Help Desk at 828-262-6266.
For general assistance, view Google's Forms Support Page.

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