What to do when you see a Bitlocker message on your startup screen.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Note: The Bitlocker screen will disappear after a few minutes. To bring it back up turn your computer back on.
  2. Write down the first 8 characters of the Key ID that is displayed on your screen. 
  3. From another computer, browse to https://myworkaccount.microsoft.com/device-list
  4. Log in with your Appstate credentials.
  5. Find and click on your computer name in the list. It will likely be your department acronym followed by the Dell Service Tag (found on the bottom of your computer). 
    1. If you cannot find your computer in the list contact Tech Support.
  6. Press the View Bitlocker Keys button.
  7. Make sure the Key ID matches what you wrote down earlier.
  8. Press the Show Recovery Key button
  9. Write down the recovery key.
  10. Close the browser window.
  11. Go back to your computer and input the Recovery Key to unlock it.

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