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To view and access student submissions for an assignment, click the assignment click the existing Assignment from the main course page.:  
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Assignment view all submissions or grade optionsImage Added

  • Click the View all submissions button to see the Grading Submissions page with , where all the students listed with their submission details and the link to Grade the assignment submission for each individual student. See below for details and Options at the bottom of this screen. Click the Grade button to open the grading screen for the first and submission details are listed.
  • Click Grade to jump directly into the assignment grading interface for the first individual student (whether or not the student has submitted the assignment). See below for more details.



Submissions Page

Submissions page with grading actions and download all submissionsImage Added

At the top of the screen Submissions page, use the Grading action dropdown menu to:


  • Upload multiple feedback files in a ZIPzip
  • View gradebook


Click Download all submissions at the upper right to download all student submissions in a zip file. 

You can filter the submission list to show students with First name and/or Last name that begin with the letters selected; select . Select All for either name to remove the filter. You . Also, note that list is also sortable via the hyperlinked column headings on the Submission page; click on Last name to sort by last name, or Last modified to sort by the most recent submissions. Clicking the same heading again will invert the sort (for example A-Z becomes Z-A).  If there's a column you don't wish to see, click the minus sign under that heading to hide it.

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At the bottom of the page, you can also filter the list in the Options section based on submission status. For example, clicking M and All will show Mark Able, Mary Johnson, Melanie Jones, and Michael Smith; clicking M and J will show Mary Johnson and Melanie Jones., which comes in handy:

Options filter for not submitted draft submitted requires grading or granted extensionImage Added



Applying the name filters before applying a filter from the Options section will display students who match both filters. Be sure to reset the name filters to All before setting the Options filter if you don't want to filter by name. The name filter controls are hidden when the Options filter is applied.

The student submissions listing shows submission information for each student for the current assignment in the the Firstname/Lastname, Status, Last Modified Submission, File Submissions, and Submission Comments columns. Use the check boxes in the Select column to select one or more students, then from Notice there are selection boxes at the left where you can select multiple submissions (or click the box at the top to select All), then use the With selected... dropdown select:menu for additional actions:

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  • Lock submissions for this assignment (prevent changes and additional submissions)
  • Unlock submissions for this assignment (allow changes and additional submissions)
  • Download selected submissions 
  • Grant extension for this assignment
  • Allow another attempt (Note: Only available if enabled on Assignment Settings)
  • Send feedback files for this assignment

Make a selection, then click the Go button and follow any subsequent prompts.


If the Cut-off date has passed, Allow another attempt applied from here or at the bottom of the grading page will not work. Use Grant extension to extend the Due date.




Scroll to the bottom of the Grading Submissions page to the Options section. Click the arrow to expand the section if it's collapsed.

Image RemovedOptions for quick grading and downloading submissions in foldersImage Added

  • Set the number of Assignments per page to specify how many rows in the student listing are displayed at a time. Helpful in high enrollment courses.
  • Click the dropdown to Filter the list of students by those who have Not submitted the assignment; who have Submitted; whose submissions Require grading; who have been Granted an extension; or No filter (i.e., all students). See CAUTION above.
  • Check the box for Enable Quick grading to to assign grades and provide feedback directly in the grading table. while remaining on the Submissions page. Note: This option is not available for assignments that use Advanced Grading (Rubrics and Grading Guides).
  • Check the box to Download submission in folders when downloading all (from the Grading action dropdown using the Download all submissions button at the top) or downloading selected (using the check boxes and With selection... dropdown below the list). Each student's submission will be downloaded into a separate folder, keeping structure for any subfolders and original filenames. 


Click the Grade button from the open assignment or from the student listing Submissions page (View all submissions) to open the grading screen for the assignment submissions.

Submission section

Submission section with submission details indicatedImage Added

The status for the student's submission is displayed as No attempt or Submitted for grading.


Time remaining before submission deadline is displayed.

If the assignment has a time limit, the amount of time the assignment was submitted over the time limit is displayed.

Any files the student has uploaded are listed with the upload time stamp. Click the file link to download it.


The Grade section for the Submission screen will vary depending on the grading features you selected when setting up the assignment, often including the spaces for Feedback comments, for uploading Feedback files, and for entering the student's numeric Grade on the assignment. 

Image RemovedGrade section with options for score comments and filesImage Added

When a grade is entered and saved, Current grade in gradebook value is displayed.


To upload a file for the student to access the option must be turned on for the assignment (Edit settings Settings > Feedback types).

  • Drag the file from your computer's file manager into the region with the blue arrow. After a moment, when the file finishes uploading, the file name will display as a blue link with an icon for the document type. You can drag additional files to upload them. Click on the file name link to Download, Delete, or Update the properties of the file. The student will be able to link to the file in the Feedback section for the assignment.
  • Alternately, click the file icon to Choose File, specify properties, then click Upload this file

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  • Click the folder icon to create a folder to upload files into.
  • Click one of the 3 icons on the right to change how the file list is displayed.


The display options for the Review and Grade panels are the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the Submission screen:

Image RemovedDisplay options panel at bottom rightImage Added

Hover the mouse pointer over them to display their labels, which are (left to right):


If a PDF file is submitted, open the Review panel to display it with the annotation tools to mark up the PDF inside AsULearn. When you Save changes to the grading screen, the annotated PDF will be available for the student to access in the Feedback section for the assignment. 

Image RemovedPDF annotation panelImage Added

Save Changes

  • Check the box for Notify students to alert the student that the assignment has been graded (once the changes are saved).
  • Click Save changes then OK for the Changes saved message to return to the student's submission.
  • Click Save and show next then OK for the Changes saved message to move to the next student's Submission screen (whether or not that student has submitted the assignment).
  • Click Reset to revert to the last saved entries for the student (abandoning any unsaved changes, including files uploaded).


  • Course: (Course Name)
  • Assignment: (Assignment Name)
  • click Click gear icon icon to go to Edit settingsto Settings for the Assignment
  • View all submissions


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