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Using the Thunderbird mail client, the instructions below outline the steps for transferring personal content that is in your Appstate account to your new account. To do this, you will set up both email accounts in Thunderbird, then move folders from one account to another. 


Note that some of the illustrations below may vary from what you see.

University accounts and data contained within are property of Appalachian State University and every effort should be made to adhere to the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy for data integrity and retention:  

The University shall not be responsible for any personal material or information stored on University Information Technology. The University assumes no responsibility for backing up personal material or personal information stored on University Information Technology and shall have no obligation to produce any such personal material or information at any point during or after an individual’s period of employment, enrollment, or other affiliation. The user accepts all responsibility of removing personal materials prior to their separation with the University. This provision does not apply to current students’ academic work stored on University Information Technology.

Transfer personal content in AppState Gmail to your Retiree Gmail account.

If you have a small number of emails that you would like to keep, it might be easier for you to forward each email individually to your retiree Gmail account. If there is a large number of emails, it will be beneficial for you to create one label in your Appstate Gmail account and move all emails you wish to retain into this folder for transfer.

Step 1. Move all personal emails into one label

  • In your Appstate email inbox, navigate to "Settings" by clicking on the gear icon and then selecting "Settings"

Select "Labels" and scroll down to select "Create new label"

Create a new label - we recommend calling the label "Personal" - and keep the "Next label under:" box unselected. Select "Create".

Locate all emails that you wish to retain and move them by selecting the checkbox beside them and then selecting the "Move to:" option at the top. Move them into your newly created personal label.

Step 2.  Install Thunderbird 

Navigate to

Select “Free Download”

Run the .exe file that is downloaded

Select “Yes” when prompted if you would like to allow the program to make changes to your computer

Step 3.  Configure Thunderbird 

Select “Next” on the Mozilla Thunderbird Setup Wizard

Select “Next” on the Setup Type screen

Select “Install” on the Summary screen

Select “Finish” to complete the setup (if “Launch Mozilla Thunderbird now” is selected, Mozilla Thunderbird should start once you select Finish)

Enter your Appstate email account information in the “Add Mail Account” box under "Account Actions." Click "Continue"

Select "Configure manually"

Change the Authentication Method from "Normal Password" to "OAuth2" on both Incoming and Outgoing servers

Then select "Done"

You will see a pop-up asking you to sign in with your Google Account. Enter your Appstate email address.

You will then see an Appalachian State University login screen. Please enter your Appstate credentials

You will need to allow Mozilla Thunderbird Email access to your Appstate Google Account

Under the System Integration pop up, we recommend selection “Skip Integration”

If your menu bar is not showing at the top, you may need to right-click at the top and select “Menu Bar”

Select “Tools” from the Menu Bar and then select “Account Settings”

Select “Account Actions” and then select “Add Mail Account…”

Enter your new retiree Gmail information and click “Continue”

Your Name:  First Last

Email Address:  (your username will not change) 

Password:  New password that was established on your first sign in to the web interface.  

You will see the screen below and be prompted to sign in again. Enter your full retiree address,

Enter your password

You will need to select “Allow” so that Mozilla Thunderbird Email will have access to your account

You should now see both your old Appstate email account and your new retiree email account listed under the “Account Settings”. Select OK

Step 4.  Copy your personal emails from AppState to Retired Gmail account

You can now drag the personal folder you created from your Appstate email account and drop them in your personal email account


*NOTE: If you have a large amount of emails, the process could take a while for all emails in the folder to migrate

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