Articles to assist with off-boarding and/or backing up Google Apps data:

Google Apps Backup and Restore Limits - Describes what can be restored from Google Apps when items are accidentally deleted.

Check for Associated Google Services (Former Employees, Students, or Retirees) - Deleting your App State Google Account could affect services, products, and apps associated with your App State account. This article describes how to check for associated services that might have been used with your App State Gmail.

Transfer Content in your App State Google Account - Describes how to transfer content in your App State Google account to a personal Google account.

Retrieve Personal Google Drive Content - Describes how to backup your personal data to another computer or storage drive prior to separation/retirement.

Retirees - Transferring Personal Gmail Data - These instructions outline how to use the Thunderbird mail application to transfer the personal email that is in your App State Gmail account to your new email account.

Retrieve Personal Google Photos - Describes how to retrieve personal Google photo content.  

Export App State Contacts to another Gmail Account - Describes how to export your App State contact into another Gmail account.

Google Takeout - Google Takeout offers you a way to export a copy of your Google account data to use as a backup or to use with a service outside of Google. 

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