The IT Acquisition Request form asks these questions for Software/Service requests and these questions for Hardware requests.  

Tip: Review the questions in advance of submitting the form, or even make a copy of the spreadsheet to collaborate on answers.  Once you start submitting an IT Acquisition Request, you only have 10 minutes to submit the request.  

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IT Acquisition Software and Service requests need to be submitted when any new software / service is being acquired for university business; regardless of dollar amount, including cloud and IT consulting services. 

IT Acquisition requests need to be submitted for any hardware / service / software that is NOT considered an IT Standard Purchase

Note:  It is recommended you know the software / service provider you want to acquire from.  Multiple software providers make it difficult to review and can take significantly longer.

IT Acquisition requests are not needed for renewals unless there is a significant change (i.e., what data is stored, new functionality), if the software / service already exists on campus (refer to our Service Catalog), or when the software / service is being installed on a single workstation / device for a single employee’s use

For more information regarding this process, please visit our IT Acquisitions website.

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