Google Chat 

Google Chat, previously known as Hangouts, is a Google-developed communication platform designed to facilitate team collaboration. It offers direct messaging, group chats, and dedicated workspaces. Access it by opening a new tab in your browser and navigating to Google Chat, or download the app

  • Have real-time conversations with individuals or groups.
  • Upload items from Drive or collaborate on Docs, Sheets, or Slides.
  • Click on the video icon to start a video call with Meet.

Google Spaces 

Google Spaces functions similarly to a discussion board or forum. Each space is managed by an admin or the creator, enabling users to track conversation threads, collaborate on documents, and schedule meetings within the space.

  • Collaborate in large groups that can include everyone in your office or another group of people who you frequently work with.
  • Search to look up room members, past conversations, and shared files.

Access Options

While logged into your App State Google account, open a new tab, and go to
(Note: If you are logged into a personal Gmail account in the same browser, you may be redirected to the chat for that account instead of your App State account. See this Help Document to add a second account to your browser session.)

Download the Google Chat client by going to Once installed, open the App and log in to use Chat as a stand-alone application.

On a mobile device, access Google Chat via Google's official Google Chat app, which is available for free in the AppStore (iOS devices) or Play Store (Android devices).

Differences Between Chat and Spaces

  • Chat can be used to have individual or group conversations while Spaces are used for long-term collaboration and are organized by threads. 
  • Spaces utilize in-line topic threading (conversations that are separate from the main conversation) and conversation summaries to provide updates on key topics discussed while users are not actively participating in threads.
  • Personal Chat history can be turned on or off but Spaces provide a historical record for specific topics or events even after users who have participated have left or been removed from the Space.
  • Chat participants cannot create and assign tasks to other participants or groups.
  • Spaces can be used to assign tasks to other members.
  • Chat participants can share files with individuals or groups but there is no dedicated list of files that can be searched for. 
  • Spaces can be used to share files and by clicking on the files tab, users can search the list of files previously shared through Spaces.


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