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If your copier is showing a message to replace a toner cartridge, this guide will help you walk through the steps.

Some of our copiers will only allow you to change the toner cartridge once it has been fully depleted.  On these copiers, the copier will eject the cartridge that needs to be replaced.

How to Change the Toner Cartridge

1.  Locate spare toner replacement cartridge.  If you do not have a spare toner cartridge, submit a support ticket to us and we will bring some over. If you need help in how to enter a support request, please use this guide.

2.  Open the front cover of you machine.  Please use the following images for reference in locating the cover that needs to be open. If you do not recognize your copier on the list, refer to the Sharp badge on the front of the copier, locate the model number, and match it to the correct image.


            MX-C301W/MX-C304W                                    MX-B455W                                      MX-C312/MX-C402SC                           MX-3070V/MX-3071/MX-M3070/MX-M5070


                                     MX-5070V                                                                          MX-M654N/MX-M754N

3.  Once the front cover has been opened, pull the empty cartridge out of the copier.

4.  Open the new cartridge and shake. Some models will have a green tab on the end, remove the tab and insert the cartridge into the copier.

5.  Close the front cover.  Place old cartridge into the empty box and mark it as used. Put in a support ticket for copier services to come by and pick it up for recycling.  If you need additional spare toners, please note in the ticket and they will be delivered when the empty cartridge is picked up for recycling.

For more information including resources for support, please visit the Copier Fleet Service Catalog Page.

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