Adobe Express

  1. Open a web browser and go to Adobe Express to use the free image resizer.

  2. Click Upload your photo.

  3. Click Upload Image.

  4. Standard resize settings will show the most common sizes.

  5. Click the drop-down to select preset image dimensions to resize for social media or select custom to manually adjust the dimensions.

  6. If you select custom, changing the width or height dimensions will automatically scale the image proportionally.


  1. Open Photoshop, click File, Open, and open the image you want to resize.

  2. Click Image and then Image Size.

  3. For pictures that will be printed: Set the width or height fields in inches to the appropriate dimensions (adjusting either the width or height will automatically maintain the current aspect ratio).

    For digital photos to be used on the web:
    Adjust the width and height fields in pixels.

  4. Save your image by clicking File, Save a Copy.

Microsoft Paint

  1. Right-click the picture you want to resize, click Open With, and select Paint.

  2. Click on the Resize Image icon in the editing menu.

  3. If your image must be a specific pixel size, enter the maximum pixel size allowable in the vertical pixel dimension box (do not change the horizontal pixel amount as this will change automatically and scale proportionally to prevent ratio skewing).

  4. Click OK, then save your image either by clicking the Save icon to replace the original image or by clicking Save As under File to save it as a new image.