User's role has to be Requestor

The purpose of a contract request is to gather information about the agreement between parties and route that information through the university for approvals. It is not a contract but a request for a contract to be made.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select Contract > Requests > Request Contract

  2. Enter a Contract Request Name; this is a High level description of the agreement.

  3. Select a Contract Request Template

    Selecting the appropriate template will help the system route to the correct department for approvals and help the contract manager/OGC compile an accurate contract. The Request templates are:

    • Purchasing Contract – 3rd Party
      • For large purchases (Amount over $5000)
      • For third party contracts (contracts given to us by the vendor)
      • For purchases that do not fit the other templates
    • Campus Dining Contract
      • For Campus Dining Use Only
    • Request for Independent Personal Services/Guest Speaker/ Lecturer/Performer
      • Most commonly selected contract for a service
      • Has the most questions
    • Student Affairs Entertainment Contract
      • For Student Affairs Use Only
  4. Once a template has been selected, click submit to go to the TCM Wizard

TCM Wizard Steps

The wizard will walk you through providing all the information needed for the contract request. Read all the instructions and select "Next" to proceed on each screen.

Step Basics

  • Instructions
    Basic instruction that you should have before proceeding with the contract request
  • Details
    Summary of what you selected 30 seconds ago – in case you forgot (waste of a page)
  • Attachments
    Add any information here that will help your approvers, contract manager, or OGC with creating the contract. (i.e. specific terms, 3rs party contract, festival information)
    Do not attach anything with sensitive information (bank account info, Tax ID or SSN)
  • Questions
    These are the groups of questions that are specific to the request template selected
    Proceed through these questions answering to the best of your ability
  • Review and Complete
    Once everything is filled out, you can submit the contract request for approvals
  • Discussion
    Tool used to bring attn to something for an approver or Contract Manager (i.e. you know the contract needs to go to Jennifer Chrisohon)
  • Contract Request Workflow
    The workflow your request will go through before reaching a contract manager and if applicable OGC.

Next Steps

After the request has been submitted, the next steps are Approval, Contract Creation, OGC Review (if needed), electronic signature then submission of a request for payment, see Contract Process for more information.

Once a contract status is Executed: In Effect and the work outlined in the contract has started or has been delivered, payment can begin against the contract. A Request for Direct Payment Form needs to be submitted.

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