1. SAVING - Always "Save As" a copy to the local machine while working on or attempting to recover a file or document..
    1. Within Word do a SAVE AS, give a new, different name and save in \My Documents. This way you are not working with their original document AND you can see WHERE (or IF) they did save the document.  Plus if there are any problems you won’t be working with their original document.
    2. Remember if Word has saved a temporary or ASD—Automatic Saved Document, the file may have a tilde (~) symbol before the filename and the extension(last part of the filename) will be ASD instead of DOC or DOCx, located in the \My Documents area. This file is usually marked as hidden.

  2. WIRELESS - Patrons who need help connecting to the wireless should go to Appstate.edu and type WIRELESS in the search. (http://wireless.appstate.edu )
    1. There are specific directions with screen shots on how to configure and setup wireless for Windows 10, MAC iOS, Android.

  3. FLASH DRIVES - Patrons should be instructed to backup all contents of flash drives, as they are easily corrupted
    1. Make sure they close files before removing the flash drive, especially on an iOS device.
    2. At the bottom right, make sure they choose the ‘stop’ option if possible before removing flash drive.

  4. PRINTING - Make sure to select the correct printer queue as well as the correct number of copies
    1. B&W queue for any black and white public printer in the library
    2. Color for the color printer on the main floor
    3. Print jobs stay in the queue for 1 hour, then the job is automatically deleted from the queue.

  5. PRINTING - PowerPoint presentations and large documents (100 pages +) need to be modified to print in our printers
    1. Depending on the use of graphics, pictures, tables etc you may need to save the document into several different documents to print, or send pages 1-100, then 101-200 as separate print jobs.
    2. If the green light on the front display of the printer is flashing, this means a print job is queuing up or being sent to the printer, it is in the printer’s memory and the job is coming…eventually!
    3. With PPT jobs you may need to SAVE the PPT outside of the ASuLearn interface and open with PPT to be able to choose multiple slides to print on one page.

  6. MS WORD 2016 - Save a document as both versions .doc (97 – 2003 versions for backwards compatibility) and .docX (2016 and forward versions) if the patron will be going between 2016 and any earlier version.
    1. DOC is the earlier versions of Microsoft Word. Save as both .doc and .docX to assure no formatting is lost.  

7. WINDOWS - If the patron gets logged out of a machine, and needs a file recovered, call tech support to come try to recover the file(s).

a. Workaround is to reboot the machine, BUT any information will be lost! If wasn’t saved!

8. EXCEL - format your data like it appears on the assignment before creating charts, it helps –

a. Type in titles, numbers etc. into the sheet so you can select it before creating the charts.

9. Software Center - how to install a program if needed

  1. On all public desktops
  2. Note these names may not be intuitive at first glance, some are under the departments and some are under some cryptic name of the software name.

10. PRINTING - The color printer cannot accept custom paper such as card stock, nor bond paper for resume printing. We have a non-networked printer for resume printing (see Print Zone service desk) and card stock can be used at Mountaineer Printing in Katherine Harper Building ( https://mountaineerprinting.appstate.edu/) .

  1. PLEASE do not put your own resume paper in public printers. Campus IT owns and services these networked printers.  We have had printer’s broken, using custom paper.  The Print Zone has a free resume printing service for 10 or less copies using your own supplied resume paper.  If more than 10 copies are needed this service can be provided at Mountaineer Printing

( https://mountaineerprinting.appstate.edu/) .     They are open M – F 8a – 5p and provide quick turnaround for their print jobs.

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