After submitting a requisition for an Amazon order, I receive an email stating that all line items have been rejected.


For Amazon orders, there are two common reasons where all line items have been rejected

  1. Go into the requisition from the email
  2. Click on the PR Approvals tab
  3. If the rejection is on the Banner Budget Authorization
    1. follow the instructions here 
  4. If the rejection is on the Vendor Specific Rules 
    1. An account code was used that is not approved for Amazon purchases. Due to state contracts on some items and just what is reasonably available in Amazon we restrict the available account codes.
      1. Current valid account codes are: 

719539 - Human Subject Incentive Fee

720000 - > 729999 - Supplies and Materials

735900 - Other Repair and Maintenance, 736000 - Freight and Express, 739530 - Other Employee Education

750000 -> 759999 - Equipment and Capital Outlay

765960 - Educ Awards-Undefined

786701 - Other Curr Svcs-Student/Part Progrm

786880 - Other Awards Nonscholarship

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