This process adds questions to a quiz already created. 

There are three major steps to creating a quiz: 

  1. Creating a question bank (see separate topic)
  2. Creating the Quiz activity and specifying name, timing, grading, and other details (see separate topic)
  3. Adding questions to the quiz 

You can get to the screen to edit your quiz different ways:

While you're creating or editing settings for the quiz:

  • Click the Save and display button at the bottom of the screen.

From the main Course page (in the Teacher role)

  • Click on the Quiz activity from the Topic section; or
  • Click Quizzes in the Activities block, then click on the quiz.

If there are no questions, click the Edit quiz button. If there are questions, click the gear icon (top right) and select Edit quiz (not Edit settings).

Edit quiz

  1. The Maximum grade defaults to 100. The total number of points based on the questions currently in the quiz is shown. If you change the Maximum grade, click the Save button to save your changes.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the heading, which appears above the quiz navigation for the students.
    • You can add other headings to create sections of your quiz. After you have at least 2 questions added to your quiz, click the Add menu below a question that is not the last one: click + a new section heading and then click the pencil to title the section.
  3. Check the Shuffle option for questions within the section to be displayed in random order each time the quiz is attempted.
  4. Next, click the Add menu on the right side of the screen to add:
  5. The number of questions per page will be as specified in the Quiz settings > Layout section.

    editing quiz

    • Move questions up or down by dragging the move icon (cross with arrows in 4 directions).

    • Questions can be moved to different pages and sections.

    • Click the Repaginate button to distribute questions per page.
    • Click the Select multiple items button to display checkboxes, check the boxes for questions you want to remove from the quiz, then click the Delete selected button; or click Cancel go back.
    • Page breaks can be added or removed by the icons to the left and between the move icons.

    • Click the gear icon for questions to edit them.
    • Click the magnifying glass icon to preview how the question will be displayed.
    • Click the trash can icon to remove it from the Quiz.
    • Click the pencil icon by the point value for the question to edit it, then press Enter key.

New question

You can create a new question from scratch here (not recommended), which you can save in the Question bank (by choosing a category under Course) or save it with the Quiz (by choosing Default for [Quiz name]).


If you save questions to the Quiz and not to the Question bank, you can move them later, but it's not straightforward. You can't see any Quiz categories from the Question bank, unless you open it from the Quiz: from the Edit quiz screen, click the gear icon for any question, then click the / Question Bank / link in the breadcrumb navigation. Now that Quiz (but not others) is included in the Select a category menu and you can manage the questions from there.

From question bank

Select a category. Use the Filter by tags if your Question bank is set up with tags. 

  • To add a single question click the plus (+) sign to the left of the question.
  • To add multiple questions select the checkboxes for the questions you want, then click the Add selected questions to the quiz button.

Random question

Each Random question you add to your quiz is 1 question randomly selected from the pool of questions you specify. You can add as many Random questions from the same category as there are questions in that category that meet your selection criteria. 

  1. When you click Add + a random question, the setup screen is displayed.
    add random question
  2. Select the category for the pool of questions from which a random question will be pulled.
  3. Check the option to Include questions from subcategories too if you want. All the subcategories of the selected one will be used.
  4. You can filter to select only questions with one or more specific Tags.
  5. Specify the Number of random questions to be added from this pool to your quiz.
  6. The number of questions and the names of the questions that match your selection criteria are displayed.

    This screen will let you select a Number of random questions that is larger than the number of questions that meet the selection pool criteria. An error will be displayed when you Preview or Attempt the quiz. Delete random questions from your quiz until there are fewer (or at most as many) than the number of questions in the Question bank that meet the selection criteria. 

  7. Click the Add random question button. A Random question with the category in parentheses will be added to your quiz for the Number of random questions specified in step 5.

Create categories and questions for randomizing

It is recommended that you create questions in your Question bank and organize them for randomized selection. While you can create them as you edit your quiz, this isn't the best approach, but here are the steps.

  1. When you click Add + a random question, the setup screen is displayed.
    new category tab
  2. Click the New category tab at the top.
  3. Enter a Name for the new category.
  4. Select the Parent category. See the Question bank topic for more details. If the Parent category is under the Quiz, the questions will be saved with the quiz and not in the course Question bank.
  5. Click Create category and add random question. The Random question will be added to your quiz with the category shown in parentheses, but there are no questions in the category yet.
  6. Click the See questions link to the right of the Random label.
  7. The Question bank screen is displayed. Create a new question... in this category; more questions than you intend to add to your quiz. See the Question bank topic for more details.
  8. Click the name of the quiz in the breadcrumb navigation.
  9. Click the gear icon (top right) and select Edit quiz (not Edit settings).
  10. You already have one Random question from this new category; Add + a random question to add more, but now you will select from the existing category you just created. 

Preview the quiz

NOTE: It is highly recommend that instructors always preview the quiz before making it available to students.

To preview your quiz, select Preview from the gear icon on the main quiz page. Previewing a quiz displays the questions, navigation, and timer being used.

Alternatively, you can Switch role to... (menu next to your name, top right) > Student then select the quiz to see exactly what Students will see when they attempt the quiz.

You will need to delete your attempts if you use them up:

  • Select Return to my normal role from the menu by your name, then select the quiz.
  • Click the link indicating the number of Attempts completed.  
  • Scroll down to the table that lists the attempts and click the checkbox by your attempt(s), then click the Delete selected attempts button below the table.
  • Click Yes to confirm.

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