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You can only edit the Community for which you are an Administrator. It is recommended that one person in a community be responsible for maintaining the Community properties.

On the Edit Workshop Community screen you can edit the Description (name) of the community as it appears on the Workshop Scheduler site (maximum 40 characters). Users can filter the display of available workshops by community, so the name should clearly identify the types of workshops presented by the community.

To add Leaders (instructors, moderators, facilitators) in your community who can be selected for workshops, enter the ASU User ID (email address without @appstate.edu) in the field on the right and click the Add button. First and last names are listed below. A Leader should be given Community Administrator credentials to be able to manage workshops (see page 15 to request Admin accounts), and mark Status on the Roster (see page 9).

NOTE: Leaders can be edited and deleted by the System Administrator only: if you have Leaders who go by a different name than what Banner provides or are no longer in your Community that you would like removed, create a Support Ticket (see page 15).

To delete a Leader in your community list, select the name in the Instructor IDs list, then click the Del (delete) button.

Automatic email notifications use the default sender specified in the From Email Name and From Email Address fields. If these are left blank, the default reply address for emails is  workshop-no-reply@lts2.appstate.edu  with no name.

NOTE: Notifications for all workshops in a community will be from the same person.

The Email Opening and Email Closing text blocks appear in automatic emails for workshops in your community. The body of the email message includes data specific to the workshop the user signed up for. Modify these email notices with information appropriate for your Community, including who is to be contacted with questions. You may want to include instructions for dropping from a workshop roster (see page 14).  

Automatic emails are sent when a user signs up for a workshop (Confirmation), when a user on the Wait List is promoted to an available seat, and when a user is dropped from a roster. This is an example of the Confirmation email, which includes an attached Calendar Event for the workshop. The information in [brackets] comes from the registration database record:

[Participant’s Name],
[Email Opening here, example:] This is an automated email notification. Please address any questions to the workshop Leader below.[end of Opening]
This email has been sent to confirm your registration for the ASU workshop:
[Workshop Name]
Date: [Day, Date, Time of Workshop]
Location: [Location]
Leader: [Leader’s Name and email address]
You can see a list of your workshops at http://workshops.appstate.edu/auth/myshops.aspx
[Email Closing here, example:] If you are registered and unable to attend, please DROP yourself ASAP to allow room for others:
1. Go to workshops.appstate.edu
2. Select My Workshops (top right). Log in with your ASU User ID.
3. Select the Drop link. The next person on the Wait List will be enrolled and the leader will be notified.
If you did not register for this workshop and have received this email in error, please contact the leader or call ... [end of Closing]

NOTE: The default email text blocks contain Center for Academic Excellence (LTS) contact information, which should be modified with information relevant to your Community.

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