For support with using the Workshop Scheduler, or to request a Workshop Community or additional Community Administrator(s)*, please submit a Support Request on line.

* The request for additional Administrators for an existing Community must come from a current Admin for that Community. Please explain if an Admin is no longer available.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Go to http://support.appstate.edu/help
  2. Log in with your ASU User ID and Password
  3. Under Submit New Incidents: Request Software Training
  4. Complete the requested fields;
    • for Training select Workshop Scheduler Application
    • in the Incident Description field, describe the issue you are having; or for requesting a Workshop Community or additional Administrators provide the necessary information: Community Name, Person’s Full Name on their ASU ID account (without full name Banner ID is needed), Person’s ASU Email
  5. A consultant will contact you to help; for a Community or Administrator request, you will be notified when any Banner records have been updated.

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