Getting Started with AsULearn 4

Appstate's AsULearn LMS has been upgraded to the new, sleeker design of Moodle 4. This version maintains much of the previous functionality of AsULearn with new and improved features. The new AsULearn platform will provide a simpler, easy-to-use interface, improved features, and better security. 

Some benefits of AsULearn 4 include:

  • Streamlined look of our LMS, without sacrificing functionality 
  • Better user interface gives AsULearn a sleek and clean look 
  • Improved intuitive tabbed navigation
  • Ongoing focus on accessibility


Q: When did the upgrade take place?

A:  May 19. All courses (past, present, and future) were upgraded to AsULearn 4 automatically.  

Q: How will this change impact my course?

A: Very little. The tools in ASULearn 4 work the same way they always have, with a fresh look. There are a few features that won't be moving to AsULearn 4, but most of the tools and features you use regularly will continue to work as expected.

Q: Will we lose the AsULearn app?

A: No, the AsULearn app that so many students use has been updated to AsULearn 4 as well.

Q: How can I get help with AsULearn 4?

A: Students who need help with AsULearn can call 262-6266 to speak with our AppState Tech Help Desk during business hours. 

Ready to Get Started?

Check out these short videos to get an overview of AsULearn 4

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