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n AsULearn (Moodle), there are two important elements to the user interface: The drawer menu on the left (with its associated 3-line hamburger icon for toggling open and closed), and the gear icons that appear on pages in your course. Together, they provide an alternative to the Administration block. Both of these elements make AsULearn more mobile-friendly, and both are context sensitive (they will change depending on your role, your location in the course, and what resource or activity you are editing). Instructors can use the drawer and gear menus to access all the administrative functionality in the course.

Hamburger Icon - Drawer

  1. No matter your location in AsULearn, you will now see a 3-line hamburger icon at the top left. This icon toggles the drawer open and closed on the left side of the page.
    Click the hambuger icon.

    Closed drawer
  2. The drawer slides open from the left.

    Open Drawer

The common objects instructors will likely use in the drawer are:

  • Participants: A sortable list of users currently enrolled in your course
  • Grades: Access to the course's online gradebook in AsULearn
  • Add a block: With editing turned on in the course, the Add a block option appears at the very bottom of the drawer; use this to add a block to the right side of your course

Other administrative options for the course may be found in the gear menu at the top right of your course homepage. 

  1. Click the gear.

    Gear menu

  • Edit settings: Provides access to global settings for your course site
  • Turn editing on/off: Turns on/off editing functions for the topic area and blocks
  • Filters: Allows you to control which filters are active in the course
    • Multimedia plugins: Finds links in text that point to a multimedia resource and replaces the link with an appropriate media player which can play the resource
    • Activity names auto-linking: Scans all text in the course for activity titles that exist in the same course and creates a link
    • Display emoticons as images: Converts emoticon (smiley) characters into images
    • TeX notation: Scans all text in the course for TeX expressions and converts them into GIF images
    • Convert URLs into links and images : Converts URLs to clickable links
    • Streaming media filter (RTMP): Looks for content coming from ASU's streaming server and places it in a media player
  • Gradebook setup: Page where gradebook for the course is set up by the teacher ; may only be used if you have no existing gradebook configured
  • Outcomes: Add and manage outcomes in the course
  • Backup: Create a backup of your course by following the provided prompts
  • Restore: Restore a course backup in a new location
  • Import: Recommended when you have selected content or individual activities in an existing AsULearn course that you wish to add to another AsULearn course on the same server.

If an option you are seeking is not displayed, click the More... link at the bottom of the menu, and you'll see all the Course Administration options.

More menu

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